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A one page mini-zine for the One-Page RPG Hackathon 2021 game jam. Based on the 1 stat RPG system by ZephB

Meat and Sinew

 Blood and Bone

 Bile and Phlegm

These are the tools of the flesh channelers, gifted individuals that can tap into the meat dimension that lurks adjacent to our own and pull through the body stuff that lies there to create miracles.

In the 20 years since the first flesh channeler appeared in 1976 the world has changed dramatically to use their abilities to the max. Muscle summoners pull unlimited piles of meat to feed the masses, farms and grown food are a luxury reserved for the elite. Unending fountains of blood turn turbines and power the world, nothing is off grid. Structures are made of bone and skin, circuits and computers powered by nerves and grey matter.

More and more the world is becoming indistinguishable from the dimension of meat.


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What a crazy rpg! Love the creativity and the simplicity of the system. Would love to give it a try, great job :)

Thank you!

What a delightfully weird setting idea! I love the gritty and gorey concept of this world. I can imagine grotesque scenes that to the PCs/NPCs are just everyday reality. Marvelous!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

I think it's definitely something that I'd like to come back to and flesh out more 😁